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Pool Inspection in San Diego

What Exactly is a Pool Inspection?

A pool inspection is a detailed examination and report on the condition of a pool and/or spa system. Inspections are typically limited to only the accessible and visible parts of that system, and would not include a report on the condition of the internal elements. No components will be dismantled during the inspection process. The goal of the inspection is to identify any repairs that need to be made, report on the condition of the equipment, and note any potential defects that could result in future damage.

A standard pool inspection would include a report on the condition of the pool shell, tile and grout, pool deck, main drains, cleaning system, skimmers, lights, electronic controllers, filter, pump, heater, and plumbing/valves. Once the inspection is completed, we will provide you with a full, detailed report for your records.

Who Needs a Pool Inspection?

Pool inspections are most common when buying or selling a house. It is recommended that everyone get a pool inspection every two to three years as a preventative measure to avoid major damage to the system which can be very costly.


Most home buyers are familiar with a traditional home inspection, but may not know about the importance of a specialty pool and spa inspection. As a buyer, you want to know that the home and the pool you purchased is in good working condition and has been well maintained. Pool and spa repairs can be costly, in some cases costing tens of thousands of dollars. Home buyers can substantially reduce that risk by hiring a professional pool inspector. If there are any issues, it is customary for the buyer to ask the seller to make repairs at no cost to the buyer. That said, in most cases the repairs performed by the seller far outweighs the cost of getting the inspection.


For sellers, we often recommend a pool and spa inspection as part of the pre-listing inspection. This will assist your real estate broker in accurately evaluating the property and setting the right expectations with prospective buyers. It’s always best to get ahead of any potential inspection issues and resolve them in advance. More importantly, it communicates to the buyer that you have nothing to hide, that you are organized, thoughtful, and your pool has been well maintained. If we provide you with monthly pool service, we also retain detailed maintenance records to share with any curious buyers. Don’t allow your buyers the opportunity to haggle over price because you didn’t hire a certified pool inspector.

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